The Story Behind the No Name Cowboy…

…’Bout 20 years past, I got plumb wore out travelin’ the countryside lookin’ fer a good ‘hot’ jerky. It either burnt my gullet with no accompanying taste or the tenderfoot who made it must have cut his taste buds on pablum. So I figured “iffen ya’ want somethin’ done proper…” (y’all know the rest). Thus was born my quest for a downright scrumptious hot jerky. 

After ropin’ that cantankerous little calf, my hunger for other flavors drove me to playin’ with diff’rent spices, sauces and meats. The result has given birth to No Name Cowboy Artisan Beef Jerky. 

All my jerkys are crafted in the same unique way I developed at the ole’ homestead over the last 20+ years. And, unlike most other jerkys, even my hottest flavors have a great beef taste that bursts through the fire. “If ya’ have to burn yer gullet, it might as well taste great!” 

The jerky meat is choice top round beef, hand-cut by yours truly, marinated for at least 48 hours in my own special blend of seasonings and sauces, then dried to perfection in small batches. Cut here, marinated here, dried here and packaged here. 

‘Bout the only thing I don’t do is raise and slaughter the steer. Iffen ya’ call ahead, I’ll have it ready for ya’. Try it, like it, or it’s on me! 

That’s the Cowboy Way! 

Stay Stoked! 

No Name Cowboy a.k.a. Dave Buehrle