• $58.00 per pound
  • $33.50 per 1/2 pound
  • $19.50 per 1/4 pound
  • $10.50 per 1/8 pound

Our Flavors

Original – a nice, mild, flavorful jerky

Gut Warmin’ Medium – A step up from Original, a step down from Hot. Ya’ might say “middle of the wagon rut”.

Gut Bustin’ Hot – The first step in our hotter jerkys

Garlic Explosion – No Name Cowboy’s Original marinated in lots of freshly ground garlic… LOTS of garlic. It ain’t hot, but the garlic does “explode” in yer mouth.

Black Powder Pepper – Think “jerky peppercorn steak!”

Black Powder Pepper Garlic

Spicy Garlic – No Name Cowboy’s Gut Warmin’ Medium again with LOTS of freshly ground garlic, then lightly sprinkled with crushed red peppers.

Dill Pickle – No! We don’t rent pugs and we don’t sell dill pickles!! We do, however, offer what we believe is the first of its kind – Dill Pickle Jerky!!! And, it’s yummy!!!

Teriyaki – East meets west-sort of like the first trans-continental rail line. Marinated for four days to get the perfect, flavorful meat infusion.

Hot Teriyaki – Our teriyaki recipe with a kick – crushed chilli pepper seasoning on top!

Teriyaki Garlic Ginger

Hot Teriyaki Garlic Ginger

Sufferin’ Bastard – Not for the faint of heart. Iffen yer taste buds aint dead-they will be! Made with jalepeƱos, habaneros and hot sauces. It’ll hurtcha!

The Scorpion Pepper Jerky – Sweet with a big sting – The Jerky Queen’s personal favorite jerky

Ghost of Boot Hill – Everyone around ya’ is 6′ under, but ya’ can sense that someone (or some thing) is still movin’ about-not quite dead! Those that survive and want more kick (what are ya’? Stupid?) let me know, I aim to please. A blazin’ hot habenero, ghost pepper inferno!